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Freedom of Mind

· Wisdom,Fresh Thought,Thinking,Three Principles,Emotional Well-Being

One of the best parts about being a Transformational Life & Business Coach is that I get to see people's experiences from up close, but with enough distance to have perspective.

The thing that has stood out to me lately as I sit with people, is that the more freedom people have from their mind, the better their life seems to go.

Having more freedom from their minds doesn't mean that they experience less thought, interestingly enough. It often seems to mean that their minds are running at a steadier pace, that their thoughts don't look like reality to them, and that they can hear a subtler type of intelligence that plays out in all of our lives.

What this experience seems to give people is the ability to live in synch with their natural rhythm.

When I watch people get in synch like this, they often talk about having more spaciousness inside themselves, better quality thinking, and the feeling of being inspired. Their level of presence increases and subtle things begin to change as they have simple insights that course-correct them within their human experience. It's as if static comes off the line, and the person attunes to a good, natural feeling within.

This is a privilege to see. I can never guess what is going to change for someone, or what they are going to hear that wakes them up, but I can bet money on the fact that as they understand the principles behind what is creating their experience better, something will transform.