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Let Your Humanity Shine!

We need more of that!

· Wisdom,Emotional Well-Being,Three Principles

It can be so easy to fall into the thinking that others have it more dialed in than we do. We see countless images across magazine covers and in advertisements and commercials, we have the joyful, beautiful, seemingly perfect posts on social media to compare ourselves to, and it can seem in all of this that whatever we are going through is not something others can relate to and probably something we should keep to ourselves.


This conversation is not new.


What I would love to be new to the conversation though is that it is ok to be human... in all its forms.


From my experience, what can make embracing our humanity so challenging at times is that we all come equipped with an ego. For better and worse, this part of us sees us as a separate self and is doing its best to keep us safe, which often means keeping our self-image in tact.


It is totally understandable that we would want to do this, and absolutely innocent. It is our best attempt at being liked, accepted, welcomed... loved.

What our ego doesn't realize is that in reality, we are not alone in this experience. It is ok to come out of the closet, at least to ourselves, and embrace our frailties, the insecure thinking that we have, and the fact that we do in fact have an ego.


The more we do this for ourselves and each other, accept our human-ness, the more relaxed we will be overall, which will more naturally bring forward our best Self.


In our authenticity, vulnerability, and ability to accept ourselves as we are, more goodness will flow. It takes energy to be something other than what we are, to hide even from ourselves, and to be afraid to be seen in all our humanness.


Recently, I was sharing with an incredible mastermind group that I am a part of that I didn't really want to start writing more blogs because it felt as if it was coming from my ego.


Rohini Ross, one of the masterful facilitators, along with Barb Patterson, reminded me that our ego is part of the intelligence behind life as well and it is a part of what makes us the unique beings that we are. I heard her and I saw how embracing the frailties of my personality is a beautiful gift to myself and others.


The more that I can love and accept myself in various forms, the easier it is for me to do that for others.


If you were to take one thing away from this piece, my hope is that it would be that your humanness is an asset that can be embraced. That the beauty of you in this form, which will never occur again in this exact way, is a gift. In the loving of this gift, we find freedom. In this type of freedom comes better thinking that will serve the well-being of self and others.

Thank you for being you!