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We Live in a World of Thought

And all the world's a stage

· Thinking,Three Principles

I spent this past weekend immersed with some amazing people and incredible teachers at the Three Principles Practitioner Conference in Manhattan Beach, CA.

As I soaked in all the Wisdom and humanity that was shared over 4 days, I felt a feeling of gratitude and presence and love come over me.
In the past, I would have attributed this feeling to the speakers themselves. And while they helped point us all in that direction, it is so unbelievably valuable to recognize that the feeling getting woken up is the Truth of who and what we are.
One of the echos I keep hearing as I relax my mind and feel the depth of the good feeling is that we live in a world of thought.
To the intellect, this could seem like a maddening statement, however with a clear, reflective mind, the truth rings loud.
I am grateful to remember at another level that experience itself is neutral, and that what I'm making of the experience itself is coming through thought.
Today I feel a deeper presence moment to moment and a recognition that whatever thoughts are passing through me are temporary and illusory in nature.
The only constant I have ever known is this good feeling beyond thought, at the center of who we are. 
There is freedom here. There is a compass here. I can see each moment with fresh eyes, and know that it's that Loving feeling that guides me. 
All else pales in comparison.