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A Mind Settling

As it naturally does

· Thinking,Emotional Well-Being

This past week, a situation arose that got my thinking all stirred up. My mind was racing thinking it needed to be on high alert because something "dangerous" might occur with a work scenario.


It was clear to me that I was no longer in a settled state of mind. It was clear to me my thinking had gone haywire. What did not occur to me for another 24 hours was that there was nothing I really needed to do about it. In this unsettled state, I had forgotten that it would naturally take care of itself. I tried everything from rationalizing it away to ruminating on it.


Now, only 2 days later, I am more stabilized in my thinking. I can see that nothing "dangerous" could really come of a work situation, unless I was in the mob. Already more ways forward seem available to me.


I have noticed that this occurs every time I let my mind settle after it has been worked up. It settles, I gain perspective, and answers occur that hadn't been on my radar previously. This is how the Intelligence of Life Works. We go into the unknown and it moves through us.


I may not always remember this in the moment, but the time it takes me to remember has gotten shorter and shorter.


Ultimately, there is nothing to do when the mind gets unsettled. Like the waters of the ocean, it will settle back down all on its own.