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The Power of Imagination


And how it can support us in creating more of what we really want

· Creativity

In this video, Merrick Hanna talks about using his imagination to bring a story to life through dance and animation. He then imagines winning America's Got Talent and the expression that comes over his face and the "Wow" that comes out of his mouth is what inspired this post. His innocence and creativity is mesmerizing.

Watch from 30 seconds to 1:30 as reference for what is below. Or, watch the whole thing! It's up to you!

After watching this, I was inspired by the innocence of his intention. It was clear to me from watching him that he does what he loves and that his creative process involves a great deal of his imagination.

It is in this space of imagination that new thoughts, ideas, and realities occur to him. This is powerful! It inspired me because it hit me that we all have the power of imagination.

As adults, it can be tempting to use this power to picture things we are afraid of. What if that was simply Life's feedback mechanism to us to let us know we are not using our imagination in ways that will serve us.

Just like when we put our hand on a hot stove, we get feedback to take our hand off. What if the feeling we have when we are imagining something is providing us the same type of information?

It inspired me to remember that the more we use our imagination for wonder and joy, the easier it will be for fresh thoughts to find their way to us assisting us in bringing formless into form.

What if today instead of using our imagination in ways have become accustomed to, we let all the thoughts we are having fall away and embrace the innocence of being human and simply imagine what would take our breath away?