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Embracing the Unknown

And why it's a great place to create

· Wisdom,Fresh Thought

I use to think that there would come a time when I felt like I knew what I was doing. I was also under the false impression that I was one of the only people who didn't know what they were doing to begin with.

The thought that I needed to know was causing me stress and impacting how I was showing up in social settings, at work, and at home. I was consistently anxious that I would somehow miss the mark for not knowing.

It hasn't been until recently that I have begun to see clearly that we are really always in the unknown, and that this space is in fact safe.

What I have found by embracing this truth is that I am much more open to the resourcefulness of my wisdom to guide me in real time. It use to be that I reserved wisdom for special occasions and worked really hard to "know what I was doing" the rest of the time.

Now, it's quite the opposite. I am much more comfortable than I was before in being in unknown situations and look forward to the creative impulse that will come forward in response to whatever it is that I am engaged in.

This has small implications and big implications. Everyday decisions have gotten easier for me because I see that whatever feels right inside of me is most likely the best decision for me to make at that time. If I'm unsure still, I have a much better sense than ever before about whether to wait for more information to come in or act and respond to whatever is needed after I make the decision.

On a bigger scale, being comfortable that we are always in the unknown has assisted me in engaging in growing my business from a place of wisdom rather than from a place of insecurity as to whether the decision I am making is the right one or not. I can't tell you how huge this simple shift has been for me.

I went from feeling like an amateur as a coach to feeling like a business owner. I went from feeling trepidatious most of the time, to feeling more empowered and engaged.

As you will find in most of my blogs, none of this means that I never feel self-doubt, second guess my decisions, wish the answer was handed to me, etc. It's just that more and more of the time I remember that this is not really how it works and I go back to embracing the adventure of how it does work.

Seeing wisdom in action is seriously profound. My business has grown much more gracefully because I have gotten out of my own way. AND, the more I've seen this for myself, the easier it has been to support my coaching clients in seeing this for themselves. The more my clients have seen this, the better they feel and the more business seems to be coming my way naturally.

It is a beautiful cycle because it is based in Universal Principles that are true. We can trust our inner guidance. We are fully equipped with wisdom and the resourcefulness needed to navigate the everyday unknown reality of our experience.

Each day, as we create our experiences, we have a choice. We can think that the circumstances of our lives or our dreams are bigger than us, OR we can realize that we have been designed to show up in this reality and create goodness.

It may seem simple and like it's not enough, but my experience is that the intelligence that works through us in present time is more than enough.

Would love to hear what this sparked for you or any questions that you have in the comments below!