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The Power of Fresh Thought

And how it can help us with even the trickiest of human dilemmas

· Fresh Thought,Wisdom,Three Principles

I've recently become aware of the immense power behind Fresh Thought. We've all experienced this phenomena. It might have gone something like this:

You're mulling over a challenge that you're having at work and nothing seems to come of it other than wishing you knew what to do. Then all of a sudden, in the shower, when you're singing or washing or whatever you're doing in there, it hits you like a ton of bricks. There's a feeling of excitement and if it were a movie scene, you'd come running out of the shower and forget to turn the water off. Eureka, you've got it!


This is the experience of Fresh Thought.


Fresh thought is epic! It's the opposite of stale thought. And what I realized about it recently is that it's available to us in a moment to moment basis in service to our well-being, not just for select occasions in the shower. After seeing this, I've spent less and less time ruminating on things, struggling for the answer, hoping it was all going to be ok, and more time being open to new ideas, inspiration, clarity, and revelation.


At the personal level, I thought, "Wow! This is huge. It takes way less energy and the quality of my thinking drastically improves." It didn't occur to me until this morning that there is a more global implication of this universal principle.

If at the personal level, I can become aware of stale thinking, we can do it at a more global level as well. A good example of this to me, would be the recent events with Harvey Weinstein.


Collectively, it's as if the stale thought of, "Unfortunately, this is how it is and there's nothing I can do" was no longer tolerable, and so a new thought emerged of, "This needs to change. We need to change this. This is no longer acceptable."


If this can happen within a system that has been setup long before the movie business, then it can happen with anything we experience together.

Once we see the simplicity that connects us in our human experience - that we are creating a narrative via collective thought - we can more easily change the narrative by being open to a Fresh, New Thought.


The infinite creative potential makes itself available to us in this way. That's why we have planes, the theory of relativity, and iPhones. And this power isn't limited to select geniuses only. It's available to each and everyone of us, and the more we tap into it for ourselves and with each other, from a sense of our collective well-being, the more change for the better will come.


If you're wondering,"Well how do I experience fresh thought? What do I have to do?" There isn't anything you have to do. You're experiencing it each and every day! It's built into our operating system. My experience has been that the more I see it happening for myself or around me, the more I get out of my own way and relax into it.


And some days, I'm in stale thinking. That's ok too. It's not all or nothing. It's the human experience.