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Stormy Days

Navigating them with Grace

· Emotional Well-Being,Three Principles

The amazing thing about our experience is that we aren't experiencing what is happening outside of us. We are experiencing the thinking we are having in any given moment.


Sometimes our thinking in the moment will carry feelings that feel good to us, and other times we are feeling thoughts that don't feel so great. We have a built in feedback system that gives us information about the quality of our thinking.


When I'm having days where I'm feeling "stormy" I can make it mean that something is wrong, that I need to do something, change something, fix something, etc. OR I can see that I'm simply having thoughts run through my mind that don't feel that great.


Instead of having to fix anything, I can allow myself and my mind to relax. Thinking is transitory. We have thousands of thoughts a day and they do not stay static. We may have some thoughts that look more real to us than others, but at the end of the day, thought is a formless energy that passes through the mind. The thoughts we pick up and make real become real, and those we do not identify with, pass on through.


So, when I'm having a particularly stormy day, like the one I was having this morning, I tend more now to listen within to see how I can best support myself.

Today, the thinking I was feeling was looking very real. After reflecting, I decided that the best thing I could do was take a bath and allow my mind to let go. The more I've seen that there is no reason to take most of my thoughts seriously, the easier it has been for me to relax my mind when it becomes tense.


The other thing to realize is that our thinking is not the only source of intelligence that we have. We also have access to Wisdom. The more I've seen the difference between the two, the more I can attune to Wisdom because I don't get as distracted by the noise of my thinking.


Seeing this for yourself can be so supportive in navigating the stormy days. The more you can allow your mind to relax and let go of whatever thinking is running, the easier it will be to come back to a state of equilibrium, which is natural for us. Just like our body heals itself, our mind gravitates towards a healthy state. 


Your wisdom is fresh, so it can give you real time recommendations for how to show up for yourself on the days that your thinking doesn't feel so good. Sometimes, this may simply look like allowing the storm to pass as you continue to engage with your life. Other times it may look like taking a day to nurture yourself. The more you listen to this type of guidance, the louder it becomes.


"Stormy" days are a part of being Human. There is nothing wrong with them. The more we understand that it doesn't mean anything, the easier it is to have perspective and to know that this too shall pass.