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Thinking Evaporates

· Thinking,Fresh Thought,Three Principles,Wisdom,Emotional Well-Being

Evaporate (v.) - cease to exist.


It can seem as though thought is who we are. It took me years to understand that it's not and to see that we were created by some intelligence beyond us and for some reason, this intelligence has given us the ability to think.


This ability is what has allowed us to create and agree upon collective narratives such as government, education, societal norms, etc. All of these are the formation of thought that throughout time humans have had and then added to.


But thought is arbitrary. Many different realities could have occurred to us.

Thought can often look though as if it's real and has always been there. What's more true than that is that thoughts pass through our minds and we decide whether or not to identify with them or not.


Seeing this can be so valuable! If, let's say, I'm stuck in a thought storm that doesn't feel good to me, I can remember more easily that whatever thoughts I am focused on are momentary and not something I need to worry about.

I cannot tell you how freeing this has been for me to see. It doesn't mean that scary thoughts don't occur to me, they do, but instead of being afraid of them, I see them for what they are... Boogie Monsters.


It has been much easier for me to come present to my body in situations where I would have been lost in thought. For example, in work situations where I would have thought I needed to get something "right", I would often find myself in a thought frenzy, scared of what could happen.


Now, in these same situations, I can see more of the time that my thoughts are stirred up, and that I don't need to take them so seriously. I did this today in fact. I was having a rough morning in my mind, and I realized that I needed a little caring for. I took a bath and let my mind go to nothing. I knew this would bring me back to Truth. In the space of nothing, I became curious about what new Wisdom would occur to me. Soon after, I was feeling 100 times better. I don't even know exactly what happened. I just knew I was more present and feeling lighter.


Seeing that thought can evaporate is a beautiful gift. I would love to hear in the comments below if you've had experiences where you have noticed that happening for yourself and any questions you might have.