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The Wisdom Within

It all comes down to this!

· Wisdom

For the longest time, I thought there was something wrong with me. If I could only ___, everything would be better.


I spent time and money and energy trying to eradicate any last inkling of this feeling, and while much of it was helpful, ultimately it felt as if it was going to last forever. There was always something else to fix.


Then, I woke up to the truth. I was pointed in the right direction. I realized that we are Divine just as we are. There is no need to "fix" the human experience.

Realizing this was like a breath of fresh air.


It helped me see that all I could ever need is provided to me through the intelligence of life.


And the more I've seen this, the quieter my mind has gotten.

I have realized that there is nothing to figure out. We are being guided. 




And, I forget this from time to time, and that's ok too. I seem to keep remembering. Possibly because it feels so good to remember.

I have my highs and lows, just like anyone.


Yet in my lows, I know that I am ok. That everything is ok. And soon enough, wisdom will come bubbling back up to the surface of my consciousness.

In this moment, that feels like enough.