• A Simple Understanding of the Mind

    And How it Can Change Everything!

    “If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their own experience, that alone would change the world.”

    - Sydney Banks, Philosopher and Author


    One thing abundantly clear to me from working with coaching clients over the years is this: When we have a better understanding of the mind, aspects of our lives that seemed challenging and perhaps even fixed or stuck, suddenly change without effort.


    I've seen people...

    • lose weight without a struggle
    • get promoted at work after thinking they'd be stuck indefinitely
    • be at ease with their career transition after feeling frightened nothing new would come
    • propose to their partner after struggling with the relationship for many years 
    • and on and on it goes... 

    If there's an area of your life where you're looking to create something new, and perhaps have felt challenged in some way, this understanding can be so helpful.


    I will share the heart of it here, and if it resonates or simply brings you peace of mind, I invite you to visit my Blog for more.

    The Misunderstanding

    It is common to have a misunderstanding that what is happening outside of you is directly responsible for what is happening inside of you.


    For example, if you go to a wedding, it can look as though the wedding is creating the happiness you feel. Conversely, it can look like a challenge at work is creating your frustration.


    This simple misunderstanding, which is completely innocent, points our power in the wrong direction, which can make it seem more difficult than it actually is for change to occur.

    A More Accurate Understanding

    What is actually happening is that our experience of life is being created from inside of us, from the thinking we are having in any given moment. Seeing this for ourselves gives us freedom to have new experiences and to create new things in our lives and is at the heart of transformation.


    When we are able to see that we are creating our experience of reality via thought and that thought by nature is transitory, like clouds passing through the sky, it is easier to see that we are more than our thinking. When we see this, we are able to experience our thinking without getting lost in it.


    This freedom from thought makes it easier for us access the wisdom that comes from being present and from having a clear mind.


    The profound transformations I mentioned above came about as each person saw more clearly that they did not need to take their thinking so seriously. As they stopped getting lost in thought that wasn't serving them, they experienced a deeper knowing that guided them towards greater well-being.


    This is just a taste of what's available to us as we have a deeper understanding of the basic principles operating to create our experience of reality. For more content like this, you can visit my the blog.

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