• Why Seeing State of Mind is so Powerful!

    And How it Changes what We Experience and Create!

    " Mental health lies within the consciousness of all human beings, but it is shrouded and held prisoner by our own

    erroneous thoughts.

    - Sydney Banks, Philosopher and Author


    One thing that is clear to me from seeing state of mind more clearly myself and working with coaching clients over the years is this: When we have a better understanding of state of mind, aspects of our lives that seemed challenging and perhaps even fixed or stuck, feel different or change without effort.


    I've seen myself and others...

    • Find ease in situations that were previously challenging for them
    • Get promoted at work after thinking they'd be stuck indefinitely
    • Be at ease with their career transition after feeling frightened nothing new would come
    • Propose to their partner after struggling with the relationship for many years 
    • And on and on it goes... 

    If there's an area of your life where you're looking to create something new, and perhaps have felt challenged in some way, this understanding can be so helpful.

    The Misunderstanding

    It is common to have a misunderstanding that our experience is solely being created by what is happening outside of us.


    While we do experience what happens to us physically, the state of mind we're in flavors they way that experience looks. For example, my husband can do the same behavior on two different days. On the first day, I may be in a low mood, take his behavior personally, and get irritated by him. On another day, I may be feeling better, take it less personally and have compassion.

    Same behavior, different experience.


    This simple difference in our understanding makes all the difference. Instead of spending as much time and energy on "fixing" what is happening outside, I have a different direction to look in: my state of mind.

    The Role of Thought

    Our experience is generated from the thinking we are having in any given moment. Seeing this for ourselves gives us freedom to have new experiences and to create new things in our lives and is at the heart of transformation.


    When we are able to see that our experience is being generated via thought and that thought by nature is transitory, like clouds passing through the sky, it is easier to see when we are following low mood thinking and when we are listening to wisdom.


    This is such a simple and yet deeply profound thing to realize.