• "In silence there is eloquence." - Rumi

  • Julie is a co-founder of SimpleSHIFT, a forthcoming platform based on the Three Principles understanding, whose mission it is to help people create more health, well-being, and ease across all areas of life and the way we do business.


    Additionally, Julie is a transformational coach who guides and supports individuals and businesses in navigating life with greater ease. She points people away from the habits that create stress, pressure and sometimes burnout, and points them toward what naturally allows them to access better quality thinking, creativity and momentum.


    With masters degrees in education and in spiritual psychology, Julie brings over 18 years of experience in the field of education and coaching to each person, project and company she works with.

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    Kind Words

    "As both a co-founder of a growing impact company, and as an individual, engaging Julie Chazotte as a coach is one of the most powerful choices I’ve made. Regardless of the scale of the challenge, or of the drama and story I would bring to it, Julie’s consciousness would remain centered, undistracted, and undeterred, to help me distinguish between the reality of the situation and my distorted thinking about that reality. In so doing, Julie would consistently guide me to letting go of that thinking and then access the deeper, more true part of me where my wisdom and authentic creativity is abundant. From there, new ideas, insights and solutions would emerge that I couldn’t have accessed from my previous state. Every session with Julie would end with me in a place of illumination, clarity, and with a solid direction for moving forward. And with a renewed understanding that everything I could ever want to experience is already true inside of me."

    - Kirk Souder, Co-founder enso

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    Kind Words


    "Julie is all heart!! I am pretty blown away by her. I immediately walked away feeling a deepening in my confidence, and an expanding in my awareness."


    - Cheryl B.

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    Kind Words

    "Julie’s support was hands down one of the best investments I’ve made in my business. Her level of skill, professionalism, ability to strengthen the holes in my curriculum, incorporate multiple learning styles and offer targeted feedback was more value than I will ever know. I recommend Julie’s work to everyone! If you have a chance to work with her, don’t miss the opportunity.”


    - Alyssa Nobriga, Transformational Coach

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