• Discovering the Health

    of Our Own Minds

    “Achieving mental stability is a matter of finding healthy thoughts

    from moment to moment."- Sydney Banks

  • How might your life change

    by seeing more deeply

    the truth of who you are?

    "When the answers are complicated, it's the Intellect.

    When the answers are simple, it's the Spirit." - Sydney Banks

    The best way I can point to what's possible from an 8 week program like this one is to share my own story about how looking in this direction shifted things for me. As you read it, I invite you to see if what I'm sharing resonates or wakes up something in you. And if it does, and you want to explore that further, click here to reach out so we can take some time together to see if this program is a fit for you. My deepest intention is to be of service.


    Part of My Story

    When I first started looking in the direction of this understanding called, The Three Principles, I heard something that sounded nice but that I couldn't quite grasp. The teachers and mentors I was learning from kept pointing to something Sydney Banks, the person who originally shared this understanding, had said, “Every human being is sitting in the middle of mental health. They just don’t know it.”


    I wondered what that meant and how that could be true if I felt stressed as often as I did.


    It felt elusive to me, but I could see their certainty and I had a sense that it was true and so I continued to listen deeply and to look for myself.


    One day it hit me like a ton of bricks. Syd was not talking about the habits and conditioning of our personal mind. He was pointing to what exists beyond that. From this one insight, I saw more and more about our true nature that I had known as a kid but forgotten. The simplicity I saw it with in that moment was unbelievably profound for me.


    What I was seeing wasn't conceptual, but rather experiential and practical, and because of that my life began to change. I also noticed a shift in what was happening for my coaching clients as well.


    As I had a better understanding of my own state of mind and the state of mind of others, I noticed I was navigating my relationship with my husband more easily, and was more present and less stressed in my work.


    Over the years, I have witnessed the change that comes from realizing our innate health on a deeper and deeper level. If this speaks to you, and you can feel the power of it for your own life, I hope you'll join us!

  • Our Time Together!

    This program will be an 8 week deep dive into the health of our own minds. In our time together we will look in the direction of the health that resides inside each and every one of us.


    As I shared above, realizing our innate health has a profound impact on the quality of our experiences and what we create in our lives.


    When we have a greater understanding of the mind, it becomes easier to navigate things that previously felt challenging. And with more freedom of mind, we are able to show up from a place of inspiration, clarity and wisdom that naturally flows forward from within.


    I hope you'll join me for this fun and exciting adventure!

  • What to Expect

    Themes we'll be Reflecting on Together

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    Appreciating a Healthy Mind

    It's one thing to have an idea about the health of our minds and it's another to experience the truth of it. We all have reference points for our innate health and seeing them and appreciating the truth behind them opens us up for more insights of this nature. It also helps us notice how this one insight changes the quality of our experience and what we create.

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    Listening vs. Thinking

    One of the most powerful learning curves I have watched myself and others navigate is seeing the profound difference between deep listening and thinking. As humans we have habits of thought and mind. Quieting the mind and taking a step back can help illuminate how some of our thinking may be taking us further away from health and how seeing that alone brings us closer to home.

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    A Deeper Dimension of Thought

    Have you ever had the experience of seeing that the quality of your thinking was exceptionally deep, clear and helpful? This points to a state of mind that is always there. In seeing this more clearly it helps in realizing when we are circling in thought that is more shallow and unhelpful and when we are open to the deeper nature of our wisdom.

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    The Connection Between

    Insight and Lasting Change

    How does true change happen? That has been a powerful question that has opened me up to truth in such an impactful way. What I see about it now that I hadn't appreciated before is that we are designed to have insight and a deeper understanding of life. As our understanding deepens, change naturally occurs, even if nothing external is different.

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    Following the Feeling

    Our feelings give us so much useful information. Sometimes they show us that we are caught in stale thought. Sometimes they show us that we are really onto something heartfelt. Learning to appreciate the quality of thought and feeling we are living can be so helpful in navigating life in a very practical way.

  • Program Schedule

    If you are unable to make any of the live sessions, we will have the recordings available for

    Weekly Webinars

    The Program will begin on Tuesday, February XX, and we'll meet each week via zoom for 7 weeks @ 5:30pm Pacific Time. If you're unable to make any of the live calls, you'll receive access to the recording.

    Videos and Self-Reflection

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    Full Day Intensive

    In the final week, we will have a full day, virtual intensive together where we can slow down and ground some of the i

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    Discovering the Health of Your Own Mind

    Discovering the Health of Your Own Mind

    This 8 week experience is designed to wake you up to the potential that wakes up as we listen to and follow the inspiration and thoughts that come from the health of our minds.

    It's easy to get caught up in thoughts that feel heavy or challenging, and yet there's an understanding that allows us to access our health and wisdom more easily. This can have a transformational effect on our lives. During this program we will look in this direction together to see what we discover for ourselves!
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    If you have any questions, or would like to see if this program is a fit for you, feel free to reach out so we can connect! I'm happy to support you in any way I can.