• Working Together

    "Listen deeply to Wisdom and it will transform your life!" - Julieanne Chazotte

    Each one of us is designed to experience our deeper nature and wisdom. In working together, we create a container for you to deepen in your connection with this part of yourself, which is always there and the real truth of who you are.


    There are a few ways for us to work together, which you can explore below. In each of them, there is a focus on seeing the the design and well-being behind our experience.

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    Private Coaching

    Personalized coaching allows us to take focused time together to look at whatever you are wanting to create more of in your life.


    Whether you are wanting to experience better relationships, grow your business, or experience more peace and well-being, this way of working together can be very transformational.


    To set up a complimentary consultation, please send me a message below telling me what draws you to this work.

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    Group Programs

    One-to-One work is not always for everyone. Group programs, either in person or virtual, can function as a mastermind, a nice environment to receive support or simply a dynamic way to deepen your own understanding.


    Most programs run between 6 to 12 weeks and have between 4 to 12 participants in them.


    If this type of work interests you, please send me a message letting me know what you'd be interested in focusing on.

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    3 Day Personalized Retreats

    Retreats take place in nature and are a powerful way to create space for quieting of the mind. When the mind is quiet, we are most available for fresh thought, insight, and wisdom. This is incredibly helpful for seeing things in a new way and creating whatever transformation is calling to us.


    To set up a complimentary consultation, please send me a message below telling me what has drawn you to this work.

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